CiTO annotation with the BMC LaTeX template

Author: Egon Willighagen, https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7542-0286
License: CC-BY 4.0 International

Users of the BMC LaTeX template (see also this page) only have to make a small edit in their .bib file. Following the template, you can add a note field to the BiBTeX file and wrap the [cito:citesAsDataSource] in an \textbf{}:

  author  = {Koonin, E V and Altschul, S F and P Bork}, 
  title   = {BRCA1 protein products: functional motifs}, 
  journal = {Nat Genet}, 
  year    = {1996},
  volume  = {13}, 
  pages   = {266-267},
  note      = {\textbf{[cito:citesAsDataSource]}}

or for two CiTO annotations, [cito:citesAsDataSource] [cito:confirms], like this:

  author    = {L Margulis}, 
  title     = {Origin of Eukaryotic Cells},
  publisher = {Yale University Press}, 
  year      = {1970},
  address   = {New Haven},
  note      = {\textbf{[cito:citesAsDataSource] [cito:confirms]}}